Anatomical Heart Surprise Ball Class

  • The Black Squirrel 651 Addison Street, Suite B Berkeley, CA, 94710 United States

Surprise balls have been a European tradition for centuries! Each ball is made of layer upon layer of long, colorful crepe paper streamers wrapped around little treasures and prizes. Click here to reserve your spot and get more information.
They're held together with a single drop of glue and are unravelled like a ball of yarn by the recipient to reveal the prizes inside. Their ephemeral quality - being made for the sole purpose of being destroyed - makes them all the more special.
In this class you'll learn basic techniques used to sculpt crepe paper - it's a great jumping-off point for those interested in the paper flower classes we'll be hosting in the springtime. You'll get to make an anatomical heart to give to a loved one for Valentine's Day. All materials are included in the cost of the class.